"I drove from Seattle, WA to Spokane, WA for my consult with Dr. Hagerty at Premier Lipedema Clinic. When I got the official diagnosis I’m not sure I felt relief or a punch in the gut...either way I cried. So here I sit...Lipedema Type 4 Stage 2-3.

I cannot put into words how amazing Dr. Hagerty and Alyssa were. Talk about an amazing team! They made the whole experience so comfortable in such an awkward and uncomfortable situation for me. We spend so much of our lives trying to cover ourselves up and doing anything and everything not to bring attention to our bodies...and there I was letting it all out. Lots of tears and laughs for the almost 2 hours I was there...but so much love and support from both of them. They were constantly reassuring me that I WAS beautiful and this WASN’T my fault. They just understood...I didn’t have to go into full detail of describing how I was feeling or what kind of pain I was in (like I did with multiple other doctors) they just said ‘I know...it’s ok’. The simple fact that there is someone out there that understands me and wants to help US is overwhelming.

Update: 80 pounds gone forever. Down 3-4 sizes. And the best part…no more constant pain. I started my journey with Dr. Hagerty (he and his team are so amazing) in July 2021 with my 1st of 4 surgeries. During each Therapeutic Lipedema Reduction Surgery he removed the max of 5 liters of diseased tissue. It. Was. Not. Easy. Physically and mentally. I can say tho…IT WAS WORTH IT!"

"Whew! 6 surgeries in 6 months! 27 liters of diseased fat gone! 53 lbs down! I can’t even count inches because so drastic! Best choice to do for physical health! My joints don’t hurt!!!

Obviously I have a year of recovery to let my body settle & heal! Still so swollen! But wow I can tell you as damn hard and cruel as Lipedema is, these surgeries made me a stronger woman! Keep fighting ladies! Ready to enjoy the summer & keep that positive vibe going!!!"

"I am one month post op from my 1st Therapeutic Lipedema Reduction Surgery. I am beyond happy with how truly amazing I feel. Prior to surgery I couldn't stand for more than 10 minutes due to pain and heaviness in my legs. I couldn't walk for more than 5 minutes. Now, I can walk for 30 minutes. I can stand as long as I want to even! The most amazing part is the pain I had in the front of my hip for the last 5 years was gone completely, just 2 weeks after Therapeutic Lipedema Reduction Surgery on my hips and glutes! I believe my gait has improved because the position of my right femur is now in a more ideal position.

While all these physical changes are wonderful, the best part is how happy I feel. I have started living into the future with my husband and young children. I didn't realize before how much pain I was in day to day. I didn't look forward to aging and had stopped dreaming about the future. All that has changed.

Dr. Hagerty is a surgical artist. He really understands lipedema and how it affects the body, as well as the spirit of the women who are suffering with it. My healing journey started the day I came in for my consultation and diagnosis. I was prepared to get a diagnosis and be on my way to learn how to take care of myself with conservative therapies. However I learned the importance of ALSO dramatically slowing this disease with TLRS. I was shown compassion, understanding and respect from Dr. Hagerty and the entire office and clinical staff at Premier Lipedema Clinic. My healing began that 1st day and has only gotten better as my body had begun to wake back up and function better with each passing day. This has been the best decision I could have made for my health."

"My grandmother had lipedema, but didn’t know what it was. When I was a child, she had the lobes of tissue that hung from her upper arms removed surgically, with a difficult recovery and lots of stitches.

As I grew and had children of my own, I realized that my arms were becoming the same as hers - painful, dangling and so heavy! I use American Sign Language all day in my job. As the years progressed, it became almost impossible to keep signing towards the end of the day. Driving home, my shoulders would ache from holding up those heavy arms all day. My children could not lay their heads on my outstretched arms to snuggle or to sleep. I had mysterious bruising that looked like I had been fighting a bear but I couldn’t remember even bumping my arms.

When I learned about lipedema, I was lifting heavy weights at the gym. My arms and shoulders were very strong but they didn’t stop hurting. I had Therapeutic Lipedema Reduction Surgery on my full arms at Premier Lipedema Clinic. Five liters of disease tissue were removed from my arms that day in January 2023.

My son slept with his head on my arm, last night. I signed all day at work, today. I drove home without shoulder pain, this evening. Now, if there is a bruise on my arm, I remember the bump that caused it. I will be able to continue working long into my 50’s, something my grandmother was not able to do. I am pain free, strong and hopeful for the future in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible, just two years ago. If you are having doubts about treatment, please talk to the team at Premier Lipedema Clinic. Apart from being kind and capable, they just understand what we lippy ladies have been through. Get your life back!!"

"Prior to my Therapeutic Lipedema Reduction Surgeries, I was in constant pain and had extensive lack of mobility. I often used canes to assist me while walking. Lipedema was slowly killing me. After 4 surgeries with Dr. Hagerty in Spokane WA, I decided to try bussing tables, just for the experience! I never thought I would be walking again with such freedom. My next big accomplishment was officiating a wedding!! I was able to walk on the beach and stand in this beautiful spot for over 30 minutes and join together a beautiful couple in marriage! A bucket list getting some checks! Now, I can actually exercise again. I really enjoy being active. I can hardly believe how my body has changed!

Almost 1 year after I started my surgery journey, I continue to do more than I ever imagine I would. I’m amazed at what God has done throughout this healing process. I’m so grateful to have my mobility back!"

"Y’all don’t give up on your dreams of being lippy free! I NEVER thought I would feel like this again. I NEVER thought I would wear NORMAL sizes again. I NEVER thought I would ever walk without pain again… I thought a lot of NEVERS… now thanks to the great Dr. Hagerty and his team at Premier Lipedema Clinic, I’m living my best life again!

I used to dread fall because I wanted to wear the cute fall clothes and boots but my body wasn’t made for those cute things… now I can happily say I can! I went from a size 18w/20w Jean to a 8/10.. and a XXL XL shirt size to a medium (large in sweaters) and I have bought not 1 but 2 pairs of Hunter boots and they fit just perfect! Don’t give up ladies! Keep on fighting!"

"I started my Journey with Dr. Daniel Hagerty in April of 2021 after seeing a video that was posted on Lipedema Sisters USA Facebook. I contacted his office and was set up with a zoom appointment with Dr Dan. After speaking with him I knew this doctor is different, he cares, and this is the doctor for me.

In June 2021, I had my first surgery. I could tell after the first surgery (abdominal, and back) how much better I was feeling. Yes it hurt but only for about 6-8 weeks after each surgery. It took me a little longer than most since I was stage 3 or 4 in my legs and had some problem veins that had to be fixed first. We did arms in July and I had to wait till October for my first legs. Second legs were done in January and then finally the 3rd and final leg surgery in April.

At 8 weeks post op from all surgeries I’ve been recovering great and have built my walking from barely getting around with a cane to 6 miles a day. Yes you heard that right 6 miles a day, and I’m currently training for a 5k! I'm up to about 1.5 - 2 miles for distance at one time. I still have a lot of work to do, and I know mine are not the barbie legs we all dream of, but I haven't been able to wear jeans since college. Just look at me now!!! More importantly, Dr. Dan literally saved my life. Prior to my diagnosis and treatment, I was dying. I don't mean I felt like he saved me. I really mean he saved my life. Not only was it difficult to walk, but all of that lipedema fat was causing me major problems in my abdominal area and I was in so much pain. I was slowly dying. Surgical treatment with Dr. Dan has forever changed my life. I call that a WIN!"

"Having battled heavy legs since I was really young, I am very familiar with nasty remarks and people’s misunderstanding of what I experience daily. I was finally diagnosed in 1998 as having Primary Lymphedema in my lower extremities. In Jan of 2015 I was diagnosed with Lipedema combined with Lymphedema. I was in complete shock and denial upon hearing this. So began the long research journey. It was not until September 2020 that my life and health took the most wonderful turn when I read a posting on Facebook about Dr. Daniel Hagerty and his diagnosis and treatment of Lipedema.

My life really changed when we met with Dr. Dan in September of 2020. With a firm diagnosis of Stage 2 Lipedema, he explained what and how he could help improve my quality of life. We discussed a plan that we both felt comfortable with and proceeded to move forward quickly. Through each of my surgeries, Dr. Dan explained the steps and I felt very safe and secure in his and Caitlin’s hands. I finally found a doctor who cared, and understood the problems associated with Lipedema and knew this would change my life forever.

This 71-year-old woman has been absolutely thrilled with the results so far. I have lost 32.4lbs and 21 inches of my hips, thighs, and calves. I am walking with less of a limp, do not get out of breath as much as before and just feel GREAT!

Premier Lipedema Clinic is comprised of the most understanding and caring people you could ever ask to meet. From the wonderful Dr. Hagerty, to his Office Manager Alyssa, Caitlin, who keeps you smiling during the procedure, Tara who has the most magical fingers you will ever meet, to the friendship of his wife Rachelle and daughter Brooke! I am so proud to be part of Dr. Hagerty’s “Lippy Ladies”.

Now I am ready to continue this wonderful journey that will be filled with lots of adventures that I probably would not have been able to do without the help of all these wonderful people."

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