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Our goal of which is to create more regional awareness about Lipedema in the Pacific Northwest. Premier Lipedema Clinic is also a training center providing in-house training to clinicians wanting to become Certified Lipedema Diagnosticians. Additionally, we are a surgical training center and flagship facility for doctors wanting to focus their practice on the treatment of Lipedema. If you are interested in becoming trained in treating Lipedema, please contact us to set up your training.

What is Lipedema?

Lipedema is a condition that is caused by abnormal fat cells disproportionately located in the lower body, and sometimes in the arms, that almost exclusively affects women. The fat is abnormally increased in the hips and legs but significantly less in the abdomen – nearly the opposite of obesity.

Signs and Symptoms of Lipedema

Symptoms of lipedema include: A smaller upper body and a much larger lower body, particularly the buttocks and legs’ Large, column-like legs Unexplained weight gain in the lower body Legs that are tender and painful and bruise easily Inability to lose weight in the lower body through diet and exercise

What happens with diseased fat cells?
Unexpected Weight Gain
A lipedema-trained physician, using history and physical examination, can diagnose lipedema if a constellation of many signs and symptoms are present.

Become Medically Certified

If you are a medical professional looking to become certified in treating lipedema, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you to set up your training.

Redefine Your Normal!

Our clinic’s mission is to tear down the barriers to care so that every Lipedema patient can get the world-class care she deserves. Contact us today to learn more about how you can redefine your normal.

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